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High-Paying Jobs in Canada and Best Universities to Get You Hired


High-Paying Jobs in Canada and Best Universities to Get You Hired – Do you want to study in Canada and you are thinking of the kind of jobs that are available in Canada; well, you needless worry about that as Canada is wonderful place to study and as an international student, your chances of getting a job in Canada are high also.

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  • Courses with high graduate salaries in Canada
  • Canada universities with high graduate employability
  • Highest paying jobs in Canada
  • Do I need work visa to work in Canada?
  • Final note

The country is looking to fill up labor shortages and if you are willing to contribute to the workforce and growth of the country, you will surely be welcomed into the country. The country offers a lot of perks like better quality of life, better employment opportunities among others.

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So if you want to study in Canada and you are looking for the best jobs in Canada that pays high salaries so you can pick a degree program that would give you the opportunity to get the best jobs in Canada, then you saw this article just in time.

Courses With The Highest Graduate Salaries In Canada

We are going to show you some of courses where you can get the highest salaries when you graduate with a degree in them. Although the list is not really a comprehensive list of these degrees but we got this from numerous research about jobs in Canada.

Also, when you are a graduate of these courses, you can easily get a job in Canada as these jobs in these categories are in demand and so the graduates of these degrees are highly needed in Canada and this is also what makes the jobs the highest paying jobs in Canada.


These degrees are:

  • Law degree
  • Engineering degree
  • Medicine degree
  • Computer science degree
  • Business degree
  • Nursing degree

Canadian Universities With Graduate Employability

These universities we will be talking about here are some of the universities in Canada that have a sound reputation in which graduates from any of the universities can easily get jobs in Canada and even outside Canada.

There are seen as some of the best universities in Canada and even globally; this is because these universities teach you important skills and give you a wider knowledge making you competent to compete with graduates from other great universities of the world.

According to the data from the Global University Employability Ranking 2020, let’s look at some of the best universities in Canada when it comes to academics and competence:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • York University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Manitoba

Highest Paying jobs in Canada

Some people will see this as the best jobs in Canada but we wouldn’t want to call them the best jobs in Canada as the best jobs depends on your preference, skills and priorities.

So it’s wise to call them the highest paying jobs in Canada and this list is gotten from the average salaries from the jobs. From the list of best jobs compiled by the Canadian Business, we have listed out the top 11 highest paying jobs in Canada in 2020.

They are:

JobsAverage Salaries in CAD (per year)
Lawyers$132,400 to $135,000
Utilities Manager$110, 467 to $114,460
Public Administration Director$104,847 to $110,070
Engineering Manager$102,700 to 106,490
Nurse Practitioner$100,570 to $104,500
Scientific Research Manager$100,800 to $102,090
Dentist$91,390 to 93,650
Power Systems Electrician$83,748 to $86,000
Mining and Quarrying Supervisor$81,097 to $83,200
Construction Manager$80,006 to $83,000
Pipefitting Supervisor$78,560 to $81,000

You should know that these average salaries are just an estimate of how much you would make working in Canada and you should also know that what you earn depends on your experience, level of skill and also the province or territory you are residing and working in.

Do I Need A Work Permit To Work In Canada?

As an international student that has completed your degree program in Canada and want to proceed to post graduate studies, you can apply for a work permit through the Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP) through which you can be allowed to work for an employer in Canada while you study to sum up to the length of your study program.

The work permit you will need is an open work permit which allows you to work for any employer in Canada and as a post-graduate student, the duration of your work will depend on the duration of your study program in Canada.

For you to be eligible for the PGWPP, you must have graduated from:

  • A public higher education institution
  • A private higher academic institution that has the qualification programs of 900 hours or greater and leads to  a diplome d’ etudes professionnelles” (DEP) or an “attestation de specialization professionelle” (ASP)
  • A private institution that provides degrees endorsed by the Canadian province in which it is situated
  • A private higher institution that sticks to the rules of public schools

Final Note

Canada is one of the best countries to study in as it offers one of the best quality of education in the world and also you as a graduate of any universities in Canada, you can compete with graduates from other universities that are seen as the best universities in the world.

We have taken our time to should you some of the best universities you can study in Canada as graduating from any of these universities would mean that you have a higher chances of getting a job in Canada and also the courses or degree you graduated with can also influence you chances of getting a high paying job in Canada.

So the ball is in your court now to choose a good course that offers you good job opportunities after graduation.


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