How To Check Glo Account Balance; Airtime & Data In 2021

At times trying to check your GLO account balance on our mobile phone can be a thorn in the flesh. GLO especially with their rigid USSD codes can be frustrating. GLO users can totally relate with this issue, especially when it’s your first time using the network.

This is a very common issue among GLO users, because their mode of subscription is quite different from other mobile networks.

Globacom which began operation in 2003 is network provider that is located in Nigeria, with their headquarters sited in the heart of Lagos.

There numerous network providers in Nigeria, but GLO is an exception, because of the years, the telecommunication giant has proven its worth to Nigerians and other neighboring African countries.

The network giant is known for its data awoof to its customers. However, some customers find it very difficult to check their GLO balance when they top up their airtime this issue is common among the first-time user of the network.

In this article, I have taken it upon myself as a task to show you how easy it is to check your GLO account balance. Just like other network providers, Globacom also run on USSD codes and their USSD codes are quite easy to memorize.


If you are a regular consumer of data, or purchase data frequently, you would agree with me, that you hardly go an hour without checking your data balance. But what happens when you don’t know how to check your data balance, it can be very annoying and frustrating when you try to check your data account balance and an error message keep popping up.

However, when it comes to checking your data account balance, there are two ways you can devise. You can simply check your data balance through SMS or you can make use of the USSD codes.


I will show you how to check your data balance via SMS, which is quite easy, first of head to your text message box, text “info” to 127 and you will receive a feedback message instantly containing information about your data balance, as well as the expiry date of your data subscription. Remember terms and condition applies and you may be charged.


This is the most used method, of checking your GLO data account balance.  You can simply check your account balance by dialing a short code.

You can quickly dial this short code, *127*0# on your mobile device and click send. When the code is sent successfully, you will then receive a pop message displaying your data account balance as well as the expiry date on your data subscription.

on the other hand, you can use the popular triple 7 to check your GLO account balance. However, the process involve in this method is quite long. You can simply check your data details by dialing *777# to quickly check your data and airtime balance.

When you dial the code, you will be presented with numerous options, simply select the option you want and send, the details will be sent to you in a short while.  These are the known ways to check your data balance on the telecommunication giant.


Unlike every other network provider, that has the popular asterisk (*) symbol and (#) tag attached to all of their USSD codes, but in the case of GLO, it is quite different and a bit complex.

When you want to check your GLO airtime balance, you must begin the with a #tag symbol instead of the popular asterisk (*) symbol. This has confused a lot of people, because they keep dialing the USSD code with asterisk sign, and when they do this, they will keep getting an error message, thereby frustrating them.

To easily check your airtime balance, kindly follow the steps below.

  • On your mobile device dial this code #124#
  • A message will pop up on your screen with some info.
  • Click 1 and send
  • You will receive a message instantly containing your airtime balance.


There are also some popular codes you might need in the long run on your GLO network. I will be listing few of the important codes and what they are used for. Below are some of them.

  • 121 for GLO customer service
  • *134*xxxairtimecodexxx# this code is for airtime top up.
  • *321# to borrow airtime from GLO
  • *1244# to check your mobile number
  • *555# to buy data plans
  • *127*00*Glo line# to share your data with GLO lines
  • 108 to send voicemail
  • 109 to receive voicemail
  • *400# to know if your number is registered
  • *125*xxnumberxx# to send please call me on GLO networks
  • *125*1# for family and friends
  • *125*2# for package and charging plan.


Do you wish to buy cheap data plans on GLO? If yes, there is some service on GLO that offer cheap data plans for user. Let’s take a look at some of them. You can get data plans as low as #100 0r #200 on the network platform.

  • For #100, GLO gives you a whopping 100mb bonus, you can simply get this offer by dialing *127*51# or text “51 to 127”
  • For #200, GLO gives you 200mb back, you can get the offer by dialing this short code; *127*56#, you can also send a text message by sending “56 to 127”
  • For #500, GLO gives you 1.6gb worth of data to browse the from 12midnight to 6am, this plan will last for 10 days and is only suitable for night subscribers. You can get the offer by dialing *127*57# or simply text “57 to 127”

That is how to check your all you GLO account balance on the telecom giant. You can memorize the codes, jot them down, save the USSD codes on your mobile phone or bookmark this page, for easy access anytime you are in need of them.


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