How To Make a Man Cry In Bed – Do This & Watch The Tears Flow

How To Make a Man Cry In Bed – Do This & Watch The Tears Flow

Ok People, so you want to know how to make a man cry in bed, for good reasons we hope? Don’t worry we don’t judge and can understand on a deep level. Believe it or not there are many aspects that can trigger a man to cry in bed during or after intimacy. 

But first, you need to understand the potential causes of crying in men during or after intimacy.

We are only going to focus on the healthy more positive reasons a man may cry in bed during or after sex.

These being feelings of pure happiness, an overwhelming sense of relief due to built up tension and biological response.

As you know, the mind is incredibly powerful and plays a vital role when it comes to sex. The mind can cause all sorts of sexual issues with both men and women. Men can have issues with erections and women find it hard to become naturally lubricated during intimacy.

The power of the mind should NOT be underestimated when it comes to being intimate and making a man cry.

In some cases, no matter what you do a man simply won’t cry in bed, even so don’t beat yourself up if you do everything right and still no tears. At the very least you would have had one of the most intense intimate sessions to date.

It’s All About The Build Up..

 If you’re in a relationship or dating, using the psychological buildup technique to increase the intensity of your next bedtime session, it can be incredibly powerful. Use it for good, not evil.

When you build up sexual tension through subtle, suggestive and intimate touches it can trigger a series of subconscious thoughts of actually having sex or enjoying foreplay.

These subconscious thoughts, believe it or not, have the power to trigger hormones in the body that make it think the act is actually occurring.

Combining these triggers while holding out a little longer before your next bed-time session (several days) can greatly heighten the intensity when the time comes. (so to speak)

Some of these suggestive triggers can include:

  • Touching of his ear & neck while kissing,
  • Slight hair pulling (if possible),
  • Pull-back after kissing and walk away, (push-pull method)
  • Pull his hips closer to yours & slightly moan during kissing.
  • Compliment his body “I really like your arms”

You can also drop in conversation some sexual suggestive comments when in an everyday setting, at lunch. Be sexual, but not trashy.

Activate A Man’s Sexual Pressure Points

During the buildup to actual sex, use these trigger points during foreplay to further increase the intensity.


I know we have already mentioned ears, but they are a very sensitive spot on a man’s body. It’s important to not over do ear play and don’t be too rough. A soft grabbing of the ear, running fingers behind the ear and caressing of the earlobe while progressing to the neck will do just fine.

Trace The Inner Thigh.

Lightly run your fingers/nails up and down the inner thigh of a man while kissing. The inner thigh is an incredibly sensitive area and should be given the appropriate attention. Light grabbing and rubbing also work well.


The next is just below the ears so you can transition from caressing his ears to kissing and licking his neck in a delicate way. Don’t be afraid to do a soft bite here and there to mix up the sensations. Keeping the body guessing with new feelings works wonders.

Fingers & Palms.

Massaging his fingers and palms will be something he wouldn’t expect and probably something he has never experienced before. While you may think it’s not overly sexual, it feels really nice and releases endorphins. Massage the palm and web between the fingers.

Tease Torso.

Running your nails or fingers around his torso in a light and gentle manner will send him crazy. He will be subconsciously thinking and hoping you’ll go straight down to… But you won’t, you’ll pull back and tease him.

Once you’re satisfied you’ve done enough of the teasing you can get to your usual foreplay, but take it slow and strategically. Guide him through what you like, tell him he is doing it right and be vocal on what feels good.

Believe it or not, moaning alone doesn’t send the 100% message of “YES IT FEELS GOOD” keep doing that.

Just tell him, why? because they become incredibly turned on when they know they are making you feel good.

Use Hot & Cold Senses

The senses are not only sensitive to different forms of touch, they can be well primed through the use of extreme temperature differentiation.

For example if you blindfold your partner don’t be afraid to use ice around sensitive areas followed by warm sensual touch from either your mouth or hands.

Getting the nerves in a heightened state when using ice can increase the sensitivity making everything feel more intense. The same can be done with hot, the use of hot water (not burning) test before can also be used in the same way. 

Getting Intimate – BE VOCAL!

Once the mental buildup, teasing touching then foreplay has been done, you can move onto the fun part, sex.

Remember how we mentioned that the power of the mind is very important? Well, this is where it must be given the attention it deserves. During sex, be vocal and talk to your partner.

Don’t leave him guessing, if something feels good, tell him. If you find something about him hot, tell him. Ask him if things you’re doing feel good. By opening up these types of dialogues it will improve that mental connection 10 fold.

Not only that, it improves the level of comfort for both parties. The more comfortable you are with one another the more intense each session can be.

When you have open talking like that during sex, it improves the quality of sex for both parties because you both understand what  you both enjoy.

Once you’re done, just lay back and catch your breath while being in the man’s arms. Give praises on how amazing everything was and compliment him as a person.

The intense buildup, pressing psychological triggers and activating his pressure points will have his endorphins and emotions on overdrive.

This is where tears of utter joy and happiness can occur, in some cases the overdrive of hormones can also cause an unexpected tear up in men.


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