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Things to Do in Canada Before the Snow Falls


Things to Do in Canada Before the Snow Falls – This period is called autumn and you could actually have fun during this period before the snow start falling and Canada offers you a lot of activities you could engage in during this period that could be fun. Although the snow fall period which is winter has its own share of fun and engagements, we are going to be showing you some interesting things you could do before the cold days.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

Five Things You Can Do In Canada Before The Snow Falls

  • Prince Edward Island (PEI) fall festival

This is quite an interesting festival and it’s done throughout a month around the island. You get to enjoy a variety of foods like lobsters and oysters which are the most talked about foods that are served at this festival. You would also have some other food menu you could choose from.

In this festival, you could prepare your own food, pick from a variety of served foods or even get served by some of the best chefs in the region. So it’s going be a wonderful adventure for your taste buds as you might get to eat something you haven’t eaten before or something you haven’t eaten in a while.

  • Peterborough in Ontario

Ontario is a wonderful province in Canada and this city is found in the province which is about 90minutes from the bustling city Toronto. Peterborough is a wonderful city to have quality fun during the fall period.

You get to explore nature at its fullest like the forest in the south side of Algonquin and also there are a lot of lakes in this city which you could visit and since it’s not snowing yet, you would be sure to have quality time. Peterborough offers you breath-taking sights for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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You could also go on an adventure to the Warsaw Caves and Conservation area and remember to go with your headlamp so you can have a wonderful adventure. You can also take a short drive to the east side of Peterborough and experience the Norwood Fall Fair which has been a thanksgiving tradition since 1868.

  • The Laurentians

The fall period is a great time to visit this wonderful city as there are a lot of things you get to enjoy here. Aside the fact that the city is known for its food; you could also visit spas and resorts in the city and spend quality time there.

You get to try some comfort food and also a connoisseur of food and drinks like wine, sausages, cheese, honey, ciders and maple syrup. You see that you have a lot to enjoy before it starts snowing.  You could also get to try some new foods too.

Visiting the spas will help you relax and get a massage to ease stress and like we said earlier, there are a lot of spas you could visit in this city like the Mont Tremblant and Inn Spas in Sainte-Adele.

  • Take the train (the Canadian)

If you want to view Canada well and see its wonderful cities and landscape while moving, then you can hop on this train known as the Canadian and have a wonderful tour. You don’t have to choose a destination as you could actually take your time to view and enjoy some of the beautiful cities in Canada like Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto.

You would be sure to feed your eyes with the wonderful view of Canada and you could also try some delicious meals too to keep your mouth busy also.

Do well to book a ticket and so you could hop on the Canadian and enjoy the view of Canada before the snow falls.

  • Try pumpkin picking

This is another activity that you could try out as it’s going to be an interesting one too. You could also do this family and friends as everyone gets to pick their own pumpkins and carve funny faces and pattern into them. You are already loving this right!!

There are a lot of pumpkin patches in Canada and we are going to be listing some of them for you so you would know where to for pumpkin picking with friends.

  • Chilliwack Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm, British Columbia
  • Eagle Creek Farms, Alberta
  • The Green Pig Country Market, New Brunswick
  • Downey’s Farm, Ontario
  • The Dill Farm, Nova Scotia
  • Le Verger Labonté Orchard, Quebec
  • The Chuck Wagon Farm Market, Prince Edward Island

How You Can Visit Canada

Are you planning on traveling to Canada just for a visit then you will need to apply for a visitor visa in Canada. This visa allows you to enter into Canada as a visitor and just like every other visa programs in Canada, you will have to meet some requirements and we will be showing you some of these requirements.

  • You must have a valid travel document
  • You must have no immigration convictions
  • You must have proof of ties to your home country as this shows that you would return to your country after your visit
  • You must have no criminal record
  • You must be admissible to Canada
  • You must be in good health
  • You must have sufficient funds to support your stay in Canada

Final Note

Whichever time of the year you travel to Canada is going to be fun for you as Canada offers you a lot of enjoyable activities and like we have mentioned in this article, if you are moving to Canada before the snow falls, we have highlighted about five activities you could engage in to make your stay in Canada fun.

Applying for a Canadian visa is quite easy especially if you get and follow the right information and process. Be sure that you are eligible for applying for a visa in Canada and start your application now.

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