What to do when your crush is in love with your friend

It is really not easy to come to terms with the fact that your crush doesn’t like you, or likes someone else. For young people who tend to be more emotional, this is usually a very painful experience. But this is a common phenomena which usually requires only maturity to handle properly. Accepting rejection is a sign of maturity, even though it is not so easy, especially if the person your crush likes instead of you, happens to be your friend.

If the person your crush likes is also your friend, you’re probably not sure whether you should continue to be friends with him/her. It is okay to be friends with them and it is the right thing to do. The following guides will help you handle the situation better: 

Be nice to your friend

Don’t stop being nice to your friend even after discovering this painful reality. Never be rude to your friend because of this as it would give the impression that you’re bitter. Be nice to he or she just like you’ve always been, don’t let this little mishap change who you are. 

Accept the truth about them

Don’t keep chasing winds. Your crush has already made a choice, so be cool with it. It would be best if you accept the truth now rather than later. It would help you heal quicker and move on with your dear life. There is always going to be someone out there waiting for you. With that someone, you won’t have to beg or fight for attention and love. 

Let go of your crush

Now that you’ve accepted the fact that your crush is dating your friend, it is time to stop crushing on him/her. Don’t keep dreaming about them, let them go and occupy your mind with other more important things.

Be happy for them

So, don’t worry, be happy with yourself. You also have to be genuinely happy for your friend, knowing that his/her win is also your win. Celebrate with them and wish them well. Doing this would help get rid of all resentments towards them. It would give you a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you can actually live happily without your so called “crush”. 

Understand that you have no right to be mad

Your friend on his/her own part did not do any wrong here, you do not need to hate your friend for dating your crush. The truth is that you own neither your friend nor your crush. It is normal to feel hurt and betrayed if your friend already knew about your feelings towards your crush. However, it would be unhealthy to stay angry with your friend for a long time. Refusal to forgive could cost you your friendship, peace of mind and mental wellness. 

Don’t see your friend as a rival

Realize that dating your crush doesn’t automatically turn your friend into a rival. Do not sacrifice the friendship you’ve both labored to build because of this. Remember that your friend is more precious to you than any crush. Greet your friend with a warm hug and let them him/her know that you’re okay with the situation. 

Bottom line

With time you will surely feel better and heal from the disappointment. You will also find someone who truly appreciates you the way you are, and is willing to let go of everything else just to be with you. Good luck!

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